T4K.org is now OPEN.

M2 Nvme Samsung 960 pro Raid 0 Falcon 100Gbps
1TB of m2 SSD space
Plex, SSH, rclone, acd_cli, coach potato, and much more!
Unmetered 100Gbps in Nigeria
One Static IP per user
At the moment this is the only package. We have 8 Servers ready for users! So Whos in?

<----- Click on Safe Seeder to order a seedbox. I currently do not offer seedbox plans.

Our chat network is located @ irc.corrupt-net.org #t4k

TOS: We're not responsible for having your mind blown by this incredible speed.

Had a blast? Ha! Yea right. BTC address: 14AETHaRFvMfujvn5vSbv9myh7y5hKZqDt
If you made it this far... I'm not asking you for money. Never hurts to be generous sometimes >:)